Monday, August 4, 2008

Kyd Partners with Director Cameron Romero to Provide Soundtrack for "Staunton Hill"...

Pioneering game composer Jesper Kyd has provided the soundtrack to Cameron Romero's soon to be released thriller, "Staunton Hill". This marks the 32nd score for the composer. I had a chance to talk to Jesper about it and he had this to say about the inspiration for his score.
"The movie takes place in the 1960's and an authentic sounding 60's jazz trio performs parts of my score. We refurbished tube Radios from the 1950's and 196o's with audio inputs and outputs and ran certain instruments as well as full score through these radios. This allowed me to create an authentic but warped radio influenced 1960's sound, which brings a dark moody atmosphere to an already dark score. Jesper adds: "the radio has a special meaning in the Staunton Hill universe and I wanted to bring that out by scoring the radio as a character in the film".
With custom made equipment (made by Analog Labs), Jesper creates a serious sounding score with psychological elements, beautiful themes, lots of attitude and a dark surrealistic atmosphere.

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