Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jesper Discusses Staunton Hill Recording Session...

For the Staunton Hill recording sessions Jesper teams up with producer Jeff Blenkinsopp. Jeff co-produced the 1960s recording sessions with Jesper at Ears NYC and Dubway Studios.

Jesper explains:

"I have been working with Jeff for years, and we are extremely focused on coming up with unusual ideas and sounds. The recording sessions included steel guitars, harmonicas and a NYC based jazz trio. The trio was comprised of James Chirillo on guitars, Victor Lewis on drums and Nick Szatmari on bass. The movie opens with radio noises and jazz music. So it's extremely important we get this mood right in order to suck the audience into the movie right away".

(Below are some pictures taken during the jazz trio recordings.)


eric said...

Did Jeff ever contribute to any of Jesper's game scores? Or only with his movie scores?

Jesper said...

Jeff has worked on my album and film scores, but not on any of the game scores.